Updates: Letter from the President

As of August 16th, I will be stepping down from the position of President. This move was not necessarily anticipated or planned, but it is that after 17 years at Columbia’s academic support center I have been promoted out of the union as the new Director of the Learning Studio. In many ways this is fortunate news, and I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to lead the department that I have been dedicated to for so long. But of course, in other ways, I am sorrowful to be shifting away from this post that I am honored to have been elected to by the membership.

There is much continued work to accomplish for our incredible union. We have only grown more organized and strong over time, and your voices and actions have made all the difference toward our gains. Please keep up this tremendous momentum with your contributions. Please consider stepping forward to assist in shaping the future of the United Staff of Columbia College. Your willingness to help lead is essential to our continued successes.

Thank you all for your support and friendship in this endeavor. We will be colleagues and friends going forward no less.

Go forth and conquer,