If you are a member of the group of employees represented by the USofCC, as determined by HR and USofCC, you have a choice to become a full member of USofCC or an “agency fee payer.”You have to choose between either or. You cannot opp out of joining the Union. 

An agency fee payer is an employee covered under the contract who does not join USofCC but pays his/her fair share of the union’s cost for collective bargaining and union representation activities. They can still attend union meetings and receive the USofCC Newsletter.

Full members have rights and benefits that agency fee payers do not. These include: the right to vote on whether or not to ratify (accept) a union contract); the right to elect union representatives and run for office; the right to receive special member-only benefits, including the attorney referral program; and enrollment in IEA-NEA member benefits.

IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IF YOU BECOME A FULL MEMBER. A larger membership means a stronger USofCC, and a stronger USofCC means a better contract. If the College sees that a large proportion of employees are agency fee payers, they will be less inclined to give employees the fair contract and good pay raise that we deserve.