Why Contact Your Union?

The union is here to support staff and provide them with the resources they need to contractually protect their rights and ensure their benefits. You can contact the union if you have questions regarding how to negotiate compensation, health care, grievance procedures, job security, working conditions, overtime, and other college policies.


600 S. Michigan, Room 1305 B
Please contact the USofCC office by email to schedule an appointment.


General Email: usofcc@yahoo.com

Co-Grievance Chair, Joan McGrath: majoan@comcast.net
Co-Grievance Chair, Lauren Targ: lauren.targ@gmail.com  
Communication Chair, Darlene Jackson: djladydmusic@gmail.com 
Membership Chair, Matt Rillie: mattrillie@gmail.com 
President, Craig Sigele: craig.sigele@gmail.com 
Region 67 IEA Representative, Mary Rachel: maryrachel.fanning@gmail.com 
Treasurer, Mara Kovacevic: trinitykov@gmail.com

IEA Uniserve Director for USofCC: Dawn Tefft: dawn.tefft@ieanea.org