Where is the current contract?  

You can find the most recent contract for the USofCC here.

Where do my dues go?  

Most members choose to have union dues deducted directly from their payroll check. The dues cover the cost of support from both the IEA and NEA. View this graphic to understand where your USofCC dues go. This graphic explains how the IEA uses your dues. The NEA uses dues to support the Representative Assembly, which is the primary legislative and policy-making body of the organization. The NEA returns 39 percent of dues money back to state affiliates. Want to know your dues schedule? Email the Membership Chair (find current email address under Home tab) or send an email to usofcc@yahoo.com.

How do I contact the union? 

Send an email to the general mailboxusofcc@yahoo.com 

How do I request support? 

Send an email to the general email address, listed above. Also, identify the board member’s title who addresses your concern and copy them on your correspondence. 

How do I contact a board member? 

Co-Grievance Chair, Joan McGrath: majoan@comcast.net 
Co-Grievance Chair, Lauren Targ: lauren.targ@gmail.com 
Communication Chair, Darlene Jackson: djladydmusic@gmail.com 
Membership Chair, Matt Rillie: mattrillie@gmail.com 
President, Craig Sigele: craig.sigele@gmail.com 
Region 67 Representative, Mary Rachel: maryrachel.fanning@gmail.com 
Treasurer, Mara Kovacevic: trinitykov@gmail.com 

IEA Uniserve Director representing USofCC: Dawn Tefft: dawn.tefft@ieanea.org