Dear USofCC Member,

Thank you for contacting me about communications from the Union. If you wish to discontinue unwanted mail, please notify Nicole Gerberding of Membership Processing, in writing, to:

Illinois Education Association Attention, Nicole Gerberding

100 E. Edwards St.,

Springfield, IL 62704-1999

The levels which can be stopped are:

  1. All mail All Phone Calls All Mailings All Emails NEA Government Relations Communication
  2. Only NEA mail
  3. Only IEA mail
  4. Only NEA Member Benefits Mail (Ads and Promotions)

Please include your name and address, your local (United Staff of Columbia College) and indicate which levels of contact you want stopped.

You may also send this request to Nicole via email at You can keep up with Union news via the USofCC’s website,

Craig Sigele

USofCC President


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