Press Release- Pfac Strike


Chicago, IL — November 28, 2017  
The Part-Time Faculty Union (Pfac) has announced it is taking a strike vote this week and is planning a two-day strike on Wednesday, November 29th, and Thursday, November 30th.Individual members of United Staff of Columbia College (USofCC) are free to show support for the Pfac membership, as long as they comply under the staff contract that members are required to report to work and perform their jobs during a strike by another Union. USofCC will uphold Article 8 in the 2015-2018 contract with Columbia College Chicago, which states that  USofCC members cannot, under the risk of discipline, engage, encourage or sanction any strike, sympathy strike, sit-down, boycott, picketing or any other action that will interfere with regular operations at the institution.

If you have any questions regarding Pfacs announcement, please contacts us at