What Went On at the Negotiating Table

The new US of CC contract represents 80 sessions of 3 hours each with the US of CC negotiators and the College administrators. Over the 240 hours at the negotiating table, both teams meticulously examined the mutual interests of the College and its staff, and how the College, staff, and students would be affected by the provisions they were creating for the staff union contract. They discussed employment practices for staff, including hiring, standardizing performance evaluations and keeping them nondisciplinary, staff gaining access to personnel files, dealing with unsatisfactory performance, misconduct, and job elimination, and they established severance pay. The contract makes provisions giving qualified laid-off staff first crack at interviews for open positions within the College, and a written 90-day warning notice to those with staff positions scheduled for elimination, including 12 paid days off for staff to interview elsewhere. The teams worked out a grievance procedure to remedy violations, misinterpretations, and misapplications of the contract’s agreements. The teams agreed to a “no strike/no lockout” clause that would prohibit strikes/lockouts during the term of the agreement.

The group discussed and analyzed the economy’s effect on student enrollment, tuition, and retention. They contractualized the agreement to come to the table once a year to work out staff salary increases, and they limited increases in staff health-insurance payments to an additional 5.00/month (single coverage) or 7.50/month (family coverage) for the remainder of this 3-year contract.

The Administrative team was headed up by Provost Steve Kapelke, with Vice President of Human Resources Ellen Krutz, Vice President and General Counsel Annice Kelly, Vice President of Institutional Research Anne Foley, and Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Debra McGrath, representing over 1200 hours of  executive time, not including “homework” assignments for research and writing of language for the contract. The US of CC warmly thanks them for their participation, wisdom, and contributions to the staff and College well-being in this truly collaborative effort. Negotiating for US of CC were US of CC President Micheal Bright (Film & Video), John Murray (Science & Math), Oscar Valdez (History, Humanities, and Social Science), and Linda Naslund (Fiction Writing), and IEA representative Bryant Warren.