What USofCC has Accomplished

Through 2009-2012 contract negotiations and ongoing labor-management meetings, USofCC has achieved strong benefits, improved working conditions, and staved off larger cuts. These accomplishments include (PDF):

A Voice for Employees

  • Any policies or proposed changes to benefits and working conditions must be negotiated with USofCC. This provides a sense of stability and security for all of our members especially during these rocky economic times. As a member of USofCC you have the right to review and vote on any contract provisions before they are put into effect.
  • USofCC has won or settled more than a dozen grievances, including an unjust termination of an employee in HHSS, denial of overtime pay for numerous employees, lack of 90-day notice provided to part-time employee terminations in Science & Math, and failure to make full payments for an employee’s overnight trip.

Job Security and Protection

  • Employees are no longer at-will, which means that the College cannot terminate employees without giving a reason and following a process that is negotiated with USofCC.
  • Under the 2009-2012 contract, the College is required to provide 90 day notice to any employee whose job is terminated, as well as 2 weeks of severance pay and 12 days paid days to attend job interviews.
  • The College is required to post any vacancies internally for 3 days before posting externally, and interview all qualified staff applicants for any job vacancy within the bargaining unit.

Caps on Health Insurance Cost Increases

  • In the years since the beginning of the first contract, 2009, USofCC has limited annual increases in member insurance costs to $5 per month. For 2013-14 and 2014-15, USofCC averted the much larger increases initially proposed by the College.

Establishment of Fair Job Descriptions and Salary Scales

  • USofCC negotiated an agreement with the College to study unit members job duties, establish accurate job descriptions, create a salary schedule for job groups, and put aside $250,000 for potential salary increases to match the schedule as of September 1, 2015.

Representation for Disciplinary Actions

  • USofCC has ensured a fair and equitable performance evaluation process that is applied to all employees during the same time period. Evaluations cannot be used as a disciplinary tool.
  • Any staff member may request to have a representative present at an unsatisfactory performance meeting. In some cases employees also have access to an IEA attorney to represent at no extra cost beyond your membership dues.
  • You cannot be disciplined unless the Administration can prove there is a reason. Discipline action that violates the contract can be grieved and possibly overturned.

Protection of Paid Time Off

  • USofCC negotiated an extended 2-week winter break in 2013, and averted the College’s attempt to take away a paid July 4 holiday in 2015 because it landed on a Saturday.
  • USofCC prevented the College from changing vacation accrual procedures to limit those at the max.

Consistent Overtime Pay

  • After USofCC began raising concerns to HR about overtime, the College is now consistently paying 1½ times base pay to employees who work more than 40 hours a week.

Improvements for Part-Time Staff

  • USofCC negotiated increased benefits and salary increases for part timers: including the ability to take limited personal days, receive any salary increases that are being applied to full-time staff, compensation for snow days, and pro-rated vacation days.