Weingarten Rights

The Right to Representation

If you are summoned by an administrator to a meeting that you believe might possibly result in disciplinary action against you, you now have a legal right to union representation (Weingarten Rights). It is important to remember that you must make the request for representation. The College is not required to inform you about your rights to have someone with you at that meeting.

When called to a meeting, always ask about its purpose. If you are in any way concerned about the purpose of the meeting, invoke your Weingarten Rights before the meeting starts by telling the administrator that you want a union representative to be present. You may also request representation at any time during the meeting if you feel that the discussion could lead to action against you. At that point, the meeting should stop until you can make arrangements for representation. If an administrator refuses to allow you to have representation, do not be insubordinate by leaving the meeting but repeat your desire for union representation. Nothing said in the meeting can be used against you if you are denied your Weingarten Rights.

For more information download Weingarten Rights 101.