Beyond Columbia

On the Chopping Block
Lay offs, pay cuts, and program eliminations at colleges around the country.

Rightwing Moves to Dismantle Unions
A resource for learning more about the Wisconsin protests

University of Alaska Workers to Vote on Unionization
State labor officials have confirmed enough employee interest to proceed with a unionization vote at the University of Alaska.

Rutgers U. Cancels Raises and Freezes Pay, Citing ‘Extreme Fiscal Crisis’
Rutgers University will cancel scheduled pay raises and freeze salaries across the board

Lecturers Go on Strike at U. of Montreal
2,500 lecturers on a full strike

U. of Illinois to Furlough 11,000
The University of Illinois will require administrators to take 10-day furloughs and other staff members to take four unpaid days off.

U. of Hawaii Faculty Union Files Grievance Over Pay Cuts
Faculty union considers the pay cuts a “wholesale breach of contract”

UConn Health Center Faculty Vote To Unionize
Faculty members at the University of Connecticut Health Center voted to unionize.

Victory for Grad Student Teachers at U of I
At the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, the strike by the Graduate Employees Organization (GEO) has scored an amazing victory.

Low Wage Workers Are Often Cheated
Low-wage workers are routinely denied proper overtime pay and are often paid less than the minimum wage, according to a new study.

Faculty Strike Shuts Down Michigan’s Oakland U.
State appointed mediator negotiates as students rally in support of faculty

Rutgers Postdocs Form Union
350 postdoctoral fellows working at Rugters University signed cards indicating their desire to be represented by a union.

Union Activist Gets Her Job Back
State Agency Orders Washington College to Reinstate Longtime Adjunct

Western Michigan Instructors and Adjunct Faculty Vote Union
Western Michigan University overwhelmingly voted for the Professional Instructors Organization (PIO) to represent them.

Wisconsin Academics Get Expansive Bargaining Bill
Academic employees in the University of Wisconsin system get the right to decide whether they will be represented by a union.

What Happens When Entire Departments Get the Ax
“Vertical Cuts” instead of Cutting Across All Departments

Restructuring -or How to Fire Staff
Learn How Temple University Fired 19 Staffers