Sign up for USofCC Manifest table!

Hello USoCC members!

My name is Alyssa Sorresso and I work for the Center for Community Arts Partnerships (CCAP)- I’m also a proud member of our union who is frustrated with how we’re being treated by the administration! A group of us are working on an action for Manifest that will boost our visibility, spread our message and gather Columbia student support. We plan to set up a table at Manifest, hand out fliers and COLA, and ask students to sign a large banner stating their support for staff. We’ll use this banner in future actions and as a way to show the administration that the student learning experience needs a well-supported and respected staff.

So, we need YOUR help! We need people to set-up and break-down, as well as man the table and go out into the crowd. These are your shift choices:

Manifest USofCC Action 5/13/16 – 12p-2p

11a-12p         Set-up

12p-1p           Man the table, hand-out fliers/cola; others in crowd, encouraging students to sign the banner

1p-2p             Same as above

2p-3p             Breakdown

In our poll, please indicate all times you are available, and I will schedule based on the feedback. Remember to include your first and last name since I don’t know everyone. I will also include a location at Manifest once we confirm our space.

Please respond as soon as possible! The more representation we have at our event, the more effective we will be in making our presence known!

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