USofCC News Brief – March 3, 2016

Bargaining Update
The USofCC bargaining committee met with Terence Smith on March 1st. Other union members were present as observers. Both parties agreed to explore several alternatives, as well as to look at salary increases in future years, and to bring the new interim CFO, Rich Dowsek, into the mix.

Job Study
HR is still reviewing what Mercer has sent. Smith is meeting with HR this week to get a timeline. The job study steering committee will meet soon to discuss the roll-out and appeals process. Smith agreed that we should be able to start negotiating salary scales for union positions soon. He has confirmed that the $250,000 set aside for salary upgrades is indeed in this year’s budget, and will be preserved in next year’s budget if it doesn’t get disbursed this fiscal year.

Key Hires
The search for AVP of HR did not lead to a hire and will be re-started. The search for a permanent CFO should begin soon.

Questions to the Administration
USofCC has officially requested information from the administration about 1) plans for budget cuts and layoffs, 2) the number of union positions that have been eliminated in the last two years, and 3) the status of positions affected by the buyouts last year.

Breakfast with the Staff
We have been informed that the March 8 Breakfast with Staff will not be with the interim CFO. So – we encourage staff to attend to dialogue with the senior administration member who will be there (to be announced), but we will not be organizing any formal union presence at that event.

Building and Department Meetings
We want to hear from you, and see what we can all do together to push for a fair contract. You may already have gotten notice of a meeting in your building or department. Here’s the schedule so far:

·       For College Advising: Tuesday, March 8 at noon (contact Paula Brien)
·       For 624 S. Wabash: Thursday, March 10 at 12:30 (contact Oscar Valdez)
·       For 618 S. Wabash: Monday, March 14 at 10am and Tuesday, March 15 at 3pm (contact Ramona Gupta and Laurie Lee Moses)
·       For 33 E. Congress: Wednesday, March 16 at 4pm (contact Lisa Butler and Nina Campbell)
If you would like to help organize a meeting for your building or department, let us know. The whole union runs on volunteer labor – the more folks get involved, the more we can do together.

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