Followup to membership meeting

Notes from General Membership Meeting, 1/21/16

It was great to see so many of you at the USofCC membership meeting on Thursday. Here’s a short recap:

We discussed the proposal that the college gave to the USofCC. See here to download a copy of the proposal and FAQs about the proposal. We discussed questions to make sure we understood what they are proposing, and then took a straw poll to see if members are leaning towards accepting the proposal or rejecting it. The poll was unanimous in rejecting it.

Next we discussed the possible elements of a counter-proposal. These were based on some core principles for salary negotiations, as agreed upon in previous membership meetings:

  1. No consideration of merit pay without COLA first (Cost of Living Adjustment).
  2. Salary increases must include part-time staff.
  3. Salary increases must cover and exceed any increases to employee benefits costs.
  4. We will not give up the right to bargain salaries and benefits for each year of the contract.

The bargaining team also presented some starting suggestions for elements of a counter-proposal:

  1. Go for one-year deal for salaries, so we can keep bargaining on salaries/benefits for the future years of the contract but bargaining process won’t hold up increases for this year.
  2. Straight across-the-board percentage of salaries, not complicated formula.
  3. Part-time staff salaries are included in any calculations, and part-time staff also get increase.
  4. 90-day period for determining eligibility, so salary calculations would include and apply to staff hired before November 1 and those who didn’t get salary increases after November 1, as opposed to May 1 as it is in the CCC proposal.
  5. Salary increases for union staff would be retroactive to February 1, 2016.

We took a straw poll on Item #1, whether to negotiate one-year deal for salaries only, or to go for whole three-year length of contract. A one-year deal for salaries only will get us a salary increase for this year sooner, but then we’ll have to keep negotiating the rest of the contract, including salaries for future years of the contract (2017 and 2018). A three-year deal will lock in salary increases in future years, but it will take longer to bargain for all three years. The straw poll eventually showed about 75% in favor of one-year deal.

If we go for a one-year deal, the bargaining team will start at higher than 2%, and will include the other elements of a counter-proposal described above.

Proposal Response Survey

We want to know what all our members think, especially if you couldn’t come to the meeting. Please fill out the survey here and let us know. You can fill out the survey even if you were at the meeting, and put in any comments that you couldn’t tell us at the meeting.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

We won’t get what we want without a fight. We need everyone’s participation, so the college knows we are serious. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Come to the next Contract Support Team (CST) meeting on Tuesday 1/26 at 12:30 at 916 S. Wabash Room 111. We’ll discuss what actions we can take in order to put pressure on the college.
  2. Action at Town Hall on Friday 1/29 at 8am. We’ll plan this at the CST meeting – keep your eyes out for more info after Tuesday.
  3. Next bargaining session – being scheduled now with college There will probably be a rally on this date. We will keep you informed.

Chronicle Coverage

We are getting coverage and support in the Chronicle – see editor’s note here and article here.

Add USofCC Calendar to your Outlook Calendar

To stay informed, check the website at, which also has a calendar here: . You can also add the USofCC calendar to your Outlook by downloading through this link here.

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