USofCC Announcement About Performance Evaluation Process 10/23/2015

In response to the discussion in Tuesday’s USofCC membership meetings about the performance evaluation process, the USofCC Negotiations Team proposed to the college in a bargaining session yesterday that bargaining unit members should not have to go through the performance evaluations that are currently due on November 30.

USofCC raised several issues:

  • The forms ask for progress on performance goals for the current evaluation period, but last year’s forms didn’t require setting performance goals. Staff should not be evaluated on goals that were not set.
  • The forms require staff to be evaluated for performance compared to the job responsibilities outlined job descriptions, but job descriptions haven’t been finalized yet due to the delay in the completion of the job study. JDQs also need to be updated since many staff members’ jobs have changed over the summer due to the buyout, layoffs and restructuring.
  • The contract has been violated in terms of timeline: the union wasn’t given 90 days to review the forms, the union didn’t even receive all of the proposed forms from HR to review, and staff members haven’t been given 90 days to complete the evaluations. (You can check our contract at Search for “performance evaluations” in Article V).
  • There has been no training for supervisors about the new parts of the process, such as setting SMART goals and using the new scale that includes “Exceptional”.

Currently, the college is planning to go back to a May/June deadline for performance evaluations next year. It is also planning to use performance evaluations as one part of the process for determining merit pay, which the college is implementing at this point for non-union staff only.

Terence Smith has agreed to take these points and our request to CFO Michelle Gates.

In the meantime, we know that a lot of you are being asked to submit your self-evaluations soon. Until we hear back from the college, we are recommending that you ask your supervisor to postpone your self-evaluation and meeting.

Here is some suggested language you can use:

Due to the fact that the college didn’t follow the proper amount of notification to staff for the performance evaluation process as laid out in the staff union contract, the union is talking with the college about the timeline and requirements for the performance evaluation process. The college is looking into the timetable. Until this issue is resolved, I’d like to ask that we postpone my self-evaluation and performance evaluation meeting.

Let us know how things go: contact us at or any of us listed at


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