Support Our Staff (SOS): Union Member Spotlights

Support Our Staff

The staff offers more than what is listed on their job descriptions. We bring a love for the arts and an interest in student success. To capture the unique qualities of our staff, tell their stories and share their successes, we are creating a collection of Staff spotlights that will be shared with the College community. It’s nick name is SOS (Spotlight on Staff) This effort will raise awareness of the human role staff play in the daily functions of the College.

As members of the Contract Support Team, we need your participation.  Provide us with your image and story to share with the community. Two examples are currently on the Union Website, click on this link. Submit your materials no later than July 1st. to Kevin Rechner, (Please provide the photo credit)

To help focus your thoughts, choose one of the questions below and write a 75 to 100 word statement.

Choose a question below:
What brought you to Columbia and why do you stay?
What do you do that you love at Columbia?
What do you look forward to at the end of the day ?
What do you do outside of work that enriches your work?
How has Columbia improved your life?
What is it like interacting with students?
What have you created at Columbia that gives you pride?
How has your life or work experience informed your work at Columbia?
How do you describe Columbia to your friends?

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