“Pizza with the Staff” Wed. May 6 event

Everyone should have received the email from HR this morning about the work schedule for the summer. We will continue to get one half-day Friday off per month. Those “summer Fridays” were on the chopping block, but thanks to the efforts of the USofCC bargaining team and the strong turnout of members who came to observe the most recent bargaining session, we got them back.

That’s only a small part of what we’re fighting for. Annual cost-of-living salary increases, holding the line on benefits, and other issues are still on the table.

USofCC is organizing an event to highlight our issues and the need for a fair contract. Join us:

“Pizza with the Staff”
Help us appreciate Columbia staff, who do a lot for a small slice of the pie.
Wednesday May 6
Outside 600 S. Michigan

We’ll be handing out tiny slices of pizza, along with fliers about the union and our issues.

Wear yellow in solidarity, or wear black and we’ll give you yellow stickers and armbands.


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