Bargaining Update April 20, 2015

The last bargaining meeting between USofCC and the College was held on Monday 4/13. The College is NOT offering any salary increases. So far, USofCC’s position has been that we will not consider any increases to employee share of health benefits without a corresponding across-the-board salary increase or cost-of-living increase. The College recently suggested the possibility of tying a new benefit package to certain changes in the language of the contract. The union bargaining committee indicated they would respond to this at the next meeting.

  1. No bargaining unit members will be fired without just cause;
  2. No student workers will replace staff that are laid off;
  3. Part-time staff will get some additional benefits: 3 days bereavement and jury duty;
  4. Summer Fridays.

This would be in return for USofCC accepting the College’s latest benefits package, which is tiered according to the USofCC’s request. This means that staff (and most likely faculty and non-union staff) with higher salaries would pay more for health costs than those with lower salaries. The three tiers currently being discussed are 1) salaries of 50K and under, 2) 50-75K, 3) 75K and over. Click link below:

CCC Benefits Package


Bargaining Team Meeting: If you have an opinion about what we should do, come to the next USofCC BARGAINING TEAM MEETING, this Friday April 24 at noon, 72 E. 11th Room 613.

Bargaining Session Observation: All USofCC members are also welcome to come as observers to the next BARGAINING SESSION with the college. Your presence will help the college know that this matters. The session will be on Monday April 27 at 10:30am, location TBD. Let us know if you are interested in attending, contact us at

Membership Training: The union is stronger the more members we have. If you would like to help sign up members, come to the MEMBERSHIP TRAINING this THURSDAY April 23 at 12:30, 624 S. Michigan Room 1107.

Fill Out Your Survey: Your involvement will make our bargaining efforts stronger. You will be getting a SURVEY soon that asks for ideas about what we could do together, and what you are willing to do yourself. Please fill it out and give it to your Contract Support Team rep in your department.

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