USofCC April update from member meeting

Thanks to those of you who were able to come to the membership meetings this week. It was good to hear from everyone. Below is a summary of what was discussed, and opportunities to get involved:

1. Job classification study

We heard from folks about problems in the JDQ process. If you didn’t get yours back from your supervisor, go ahead and sign it and still submit it now, and say in your email that you didn’t receive it back from your supervisor. If you want to let us know about other issues that came up, email us at

The next step is supposed to be that the JDQs will be analyzed by Mercer, the consulting company hired by the College. Mercer will draft job descriptions for each position and create job categories. We have not heard what the timeline is for that process. The MOU signed by USofCC and the College holds the College to certain commitments, including a timeline, no salary decreases and a pool of $250,000 for salary increases (see attached Job Study MOU).

The process is laid out in a document on the Staff Compensation Study website on IRIS:

The full website is at:

2. Bargaining update

Bargaining on our next contract has slowed down. The College bargaining team has not given us any responses on current issues on the table, as well as no counter on our salary/wage proposal. We need your support to put the pressure on the College to respond and keep bargaining.

3. Membership update

USofCC will be launching a campaign later this spring to sign up remaining people in the bargaining unit who are neither members nor agency fee payers. The union is only as strong as our members. Take a look at the attached “USofCC Accomplishments” to see what we’ve won.

  • If you have not yet signed up as a member or agency fee payer, please contact Oscar Valdez, Membership Chair, and he will send you the membership forms.
  • If you would like to help sign up people for membership, you can volunteer to be part of the Membership Committee. There will be a training on April 23 for you to learn about what is involved.

4. Action Plan

We need movement on bargaining, and a response from the staff with all the changes that are happening (strategic plan, FY16 budget planning, buyout). At the membership meetings, we discussed the following:

Platform of demands: What do we want? This is what the USofCC Executive Committee has been proposing as our demands.

  1. Cost-of-living salary increase across the board – no to merit pay, which divides us.
  2. Hold the line on benefits.
  3. Layoffs are not the answer. Minimize layoffs.
  4. Shared sacrifice – chop from the top. Seems like a lot of new VP/AVP positions being created.
  5. Budget transparency – open the books.

What do you think? Give us feedback here in the comments section.

Action plan: How will we get it?  We need to organize in order to be heard. Join the Contract Support Team to (1) Help strategize actions that can be taken (see attached Contract Campaign sheet) and (2) Distribute information to your department/unit and get people involved in actions.


1. Join the Contract Support Team and attend the first meeting on April 16 at 12:30-1:30 in 623 S. Wabash Hokin Lecture Hall (Room 109). Contact JeeYeun Lee at or x8863.

In particular, we’re looking for people who can represent these departments: Administrative Services, Admissions, Book and Paper Arts Center, Business & Entrepreneurship, Campus Environment, CITE, Creative Writing, Dean of Students Office, Education Department, Exhibition & Performance Space, Institutional Effectiveness, Interactive Arts and Media, Music Department, Photography Department, Portfolio Center, Radio Department, Records Office, Residence Center, Sherwood Community Music School, Student Employment, Student Engagement and Culture, Student Financial Services, Television Department.

2. Join the Membership Committee and attend the training on April 23. If you’re interested, contact Oscar Valdez at or x7690.

3. Distribute our poster that lists the ways that staff members positively impact student success. To get a stack of posters, contact Sheila Brady at x8147.

Questions? Contact

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