USofCC February Update

1. Staff Compensation Study

As some of you may remember, USofCC has been pushing the College for a long time to complete a Job Classification Study. On Monday, HR sent out an email launching what they are calling a Staff Compensation Study. Although USofCC is not a full partner in this process, we are hopeful that this process will meet our original vision of creating pay and job equity across campus, and aligning Columbia jobs with market wages.

We know that many departments have asked you to create job descriptions over the last year, and many of us had to do surveys during Prioritization and external audits. Although we may all have questionnaire fatigue, we want to encourage everyone to thoroughly read all communications about this process, and to answer all questions with as much detail as you can.

The goal of this questionnaire is to get accurate data about staff members’ actual and current job responsibilities. This is NOT about justifying our positions, but about getting an accurate understanding of what it is that staff members do across the College. This will hopefully lead to a framework for creating fair pay scales and more explicit job roles and responsibilities that are supported by data, not opinions.

DO write down all of your current tasks and responsibilities, even if they are not on your current job description. DO use the answer blocks to explain information that doesn’t fit the questions. DO attend the College’s informational sessions on February 16, 20, and 26 to ask questions.

This process is not meant to lead to job eliminations, reductions in salaries, or removal from the bargaining unit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

2. Fourth of July Holiday Restored

Some of you may have noticed that in the original 2015 holiday calendar, no holiday was listed for July 4th aside from the day itself. USofCC raised this issue with HR and won a holiday on Friday July 3rd. The revised 2015 holiday calendar has now been posted:

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