2013-2014 Agreement

USofCC (“Union”) and Columbia College Chicago (“College”) agree to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) covering the current year only (September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014) concerning the following topics only: medical/health insurance benefits, across the board salary increase, and the separately agreed-upon Job Classification Study.

To accomplish this, the parties shall agree to the following terms:

1)      Health care cost premiums will not increase during the upcoming year (9/1/13 to 8/31/14) and benefits shall remain as is.

2)      Monthly dental and vision costs for those who choose to enroll shall be as follows:

  • Dental: $5.00/mo. single; $10.00/mo. family
  • Vision $5.00/mo. single; $5.00/mo. family

3)      USofCC will accept the provision that in order to receive the most favorable premium cost, spouses will be required to either participate in the health screening process conducted at CCC in November 2013 or receive a health screening from a physician of their own choice in January·2014.

4)      The College agrees to work with bargaining unit members to resolve any transition issues that arise from the switch from Cigna to Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

5)      USofCC will accept the first year offer of a 1% across the board salary increase for all Full-Time and Part-Time bargaining unit members retroactively to September 1, 2013. Any exception to this agreement may be made by mutual agreement of the parties.

6)      The parties finalize and sign the MOU as it relates to the Job Classification Study (see here).

The parties agree that during the continuing negotiations for a successor contract that all other terms and conditions of the contract not covered in the MOU shall remain as status quo.

The MOU shall be enforceable and subject to the grievance procedure of the current or any successor contract.

This tentatively agreed upon MOU is subject to final ratification by the USofCC membership.

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