Initial Outline – USofCC Economic Proposals

As part of the negotiation process currently taking place between Columbia and USofCC bargaining teams, the union has put forward the following economic proposals. Specific dollar/percentage amounts will be determined as more information becomes known. To support the bargaining effort and work with the bargaining support team, contact Bargaining Committee chair Nick Hoeppner at ext. 8876 or

  1. Establishment of Salary Grade. Parties agree to negotiate a new salary grade following the completion of the job classification study. Salary schedule shall include steps that would provide additional compensation based on years of service with the Employer. Employer agrees to set aside a sum in the amount of __________ to be utilized for resulting upgrades identified through course of the job study.
  2. Across-the-Board Increases. USofCC proposes an across-the-board yearly salary increase of __________ % or a Chicago-based cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) whichever is greater, for all unit employees for each year of the parties’ contract agreement.
  3. Temporary Upgrades. Employees who serve temporarily in a position that has a higher labor grade shall be paid at the higher rate of pay for all days spend in the position. Such raise shall represent no less than a 5% increase over the employee’s regular base salary.
  4. Health Insurance. Maintain current contract language.
  5. Part-Time Employees’ Benefits. Part-time employees to receive a pro-rated amount of benefits for paid time off and tuition remission.
  6. Holiday Shutdown. Full-time employees shall receive a full two weeks paid time-off for the traditional holiday shutdown period in December. Part-time employees who would have normally been scheduled to work shall receive pay at their regular hourly rate for such hours not worked.
  7. No Schedule Change to Avoid Overtime. Employees shall not have their normal work schedule changed in order to avoid the scheduling of overtime.

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