Statement from USofCC On the Prioritization Process and the President’s Report of May 22, 2012

President Carter:
United Staff of Columbia College (USofCC) believes that the interests of the College community — students, staff, and faculty — must be a top priority. Representing full-time and part-time staff, USofCC maintains that the following steps must be taken in order to protect the well-being of our union members:

  • Share budget data to allow the Columbia community to understand the College’s financial condition.
  • Freeze layoffs of current staff members during the Prioritization process, while recognizing that many positions will shift and some may disappear.
  • Sufficiently re-train, develop, and re-deploy staff who are displaced.
  • Deliver promotions with an accompanying increase in salary to staff members who have been given greater responsibility and workloads due to recent budget cuts and other changes.

USofCC asks the following questions.  We believe the concerns of USofCC should become part of the official record for consideration by Dr. Carter and the Board.

  1. USofCC looks forward to bargaining with the College over the nature and impact of the Prioritization process upon our members. When will the College begin bargaining with the Union over these changes, which has been formally requested in letters to the College?
  2. Will the College be doing a comprehensive job description and compensation evaluation for those employees who have been given additional responsibilities as a result of Prioritization changes?
  3. What HR/managerial process is being considered to address staffing and job position changes? Will the College develop this process in collaboration with the USofCC?

The USofCC Executive Committee


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