April 5 – Prioritization Teach-In

Participate in the Prioritization Teach-In Thursday, April 5 at NOON in Hokin Hall.

As we become aware of the recommendations of the prioritization rankings at the college, it becomes critical that USofCC members make our voices heard. We must not submit to the belief that our staff–who are a vital part of the campus community–have no power or ability to shape the outcome of prioritization on our members or to prevent the process from becoming dehumanized and insensitive to the needs of students, staff, or faculty.

The staff and part-time faculty unions have sent Columbia College a demand to bargain over any changes or actions that affect the wages, hours, and working conditions of our bargaining unit members (read our letter here). Such a demand is the right of unionized employees facing organizational change.  Staff members in many of the departments potentially impacted by prioritization changes are also beginning to examine what the potential changes might mean, and how to make their voices heard.  Be part of this dialog!

Participate in the Prioritization Teach-In Thursday, April 5 at NOON in Hokin Hall.  Contact Nick Hoeppner or Craig Blakemore for more details.

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