Candidates for Office


Thursday, January 26                Friday, January 27
9:00 am – 5:00 pm                             9:00 am – 5:00 pm
916 S. Wabash, Lobby                      623 S. Wabash, Lobby

For the Office of President:Mike Bright
Mike Bright 
Administrative Assistant/Sudent Worker Supervisor
Film & Video

Democracy in the workplace is crucial in these times. I have been and I will continue to be a strong advocate for the members of USofCC. I will be a voice for those who may not be comfortable speaking out. And as we head into negotiations for a new contract, my experience at the bargaining table will strengthen our negotiation team.

For the Office of Vice-President:Nick Hoeppner
Nick Hoeppner

I have been at Columbia College Chicago since May of 2005. I am running for Vice President of USofCC because I believe the staff of Columbia is a very important part of what makes the College great. However, recently the administration has seemed to have forgotten this. Collectively we need to be able to voice concerns, bargain for contracts, and protect Columbia’s work force.  I hope to be able to contribute to the gains that the USofCC has already accomplished. I will continue to fight for a cost of living adjustment for wages and meeting the needs of our members.

For the Office of Vice-President:Valdez
Oscar Valdez
Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
Humanities, History & Social Services

I first came to Columbia as an undergraduate student in the Journalism Department. In fall 2001 I was hired as a full-time staff.  Within a year of getting hired, our pension was frozen at Columbia. Staff and Full-time Faculty started getting together to talk about bringing in a union at Columbia.

The staff was able to form the USofCC, and I was asked to become a negotiator for the first contract between USofCC and Columbia College Chicago. From the stories that I heard from staff , I decided to join the negotiation team and work on our first contract.

I am happy that after a decade staff still see me as a person that they can trust to bring their issues and concerns to the College Administration. If I get chosen as VP of USofCC, my goals will be to create a great relationship between USofCC and the College Administration; to negotiate our second contract and add or improve benefits/work issues for the staff. Mostly importantly, I would like to continue to help out staff with their personal issues and concerns both with the College Administration and USofCC.

For the Office of Treasurer:Blakemore
Craig Blakemore 
Catalog Assistant

I have the skills, experience, and dedication to perform the duties of treasurer effectively. I am eager to represent you as an official of US of CC as we move into this next phase of growth, building upon the solid foundation created by those who worked so long and hard to establish this local.

For the Office of Treasurer:Campbell
Nina Campbell
Administrative Assistant
ASL-English Interpretation

I am a person who welcomes new experiences and challenges. I am committed and determined to fight for our rights. If elected Treasurer, I will fulfill my duties and commitments. Your support is greatly appreciated.

For the Office of IEA Ethnic Minority Candidate:Mike Bright
Mike Bright 
Administrative Assistant/Sudent Worker Supervisor
Film & Video

For the Office of Delegate to the IEA Representative Assembly:
Cat Bromels 
Print Services Manager
Art & Design

I am running because I am an active union member at Columbia, and I want to help spread the experiences we’ve had here with other locals and regions of IEA.

For the Office of Delegate to the IEA Representative Assembly:Nick Hoeppner
Nick Hoeppner

>>  Voting Eligibility. Voting is open to all union members. USofCC membership forms will be available at the vote for those who wish to join the union.

>>  Absentee Voting. Employees who do not report to a campus worksite or who are not scheduled to work on January 26 or 27 may vote by absentee ballot. To request a ballot, please email USofCC at  asap but no later than Wednesday, January 18. A ballot will be mailed to the address you provide in your email, and your returned ballot must be received by USofCC no later than Friday, January 27, 2012 to be counted.

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