Three Important Messages

number3ONE – Tuesday, NOVEMBER 8: General Membership Meeting from Noon-1 PM  or  1-2 PM
Mark your Calendars for a US of CC General Membership Meeting on November 8 in Hokin Hall, Room 109 in 623 S. Wabash.
Attend either session—12PM-1PM or 1PM-2PM. Bring your lunch. Beverages will be provided. Agenda includes:
a.  Status of wage campaign for the current academic year.
   If you do not yet have a Prioritize Us! Invest in Columbia’s Workforce button, be sure to get one from your building representative and wear it prominently when on campus. (Buttons also will be available at the meeting.)
b.  Timeline for Upcoming Elections for US of CC Officers.
c.   Supporting Occupy Chicago (see Cat B’s letter below*)
The US of CC Executive Committee is considering an endorsement of Occupy Chicago and welcomes your comments before or at the November 8 meeting.  Email to chime in on this or any other subject.
TWO – November 11, 2011 * * * Postponed  * * * 11-11-11 HAPPY HOUR MIXER FOR STAFF AND ADJUNCTS
Higher Education Region 67 of the Illinois Education Association (IEA) hosts its first happy hour mixer for staff and adjuncts from Columbia, Roosevelt, City Colleges, East-West University, and Triton.
Get to know your colleagues from higher education institutions around the city. Stop by anytime between 4 PM to 7 PM. Location to be announced.
THREE – Join Occupy Chicago!
“Occupy Chicago is here to fight corporate abuse of American democracy in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world.”
To get more information about the movement, go to:  Occupy Chicago is a movement with ever-increasing momentum and focus. Occupy Chicago has recently formed a Labor Outreach Committee that is looking for both official union support in the form of statements of solidarity as well as increased involvement on the ground from the rank and file of all unions. Though Occupy Chicago does not have stated demands, they represent the breadth of working class voices–both in Chicago and abroad–to fight for jobs, healthcare, decent wages, and solidarity among everyone in the 99%.
Please visit the Occupy Chicago website or, better yet, go down to Jackson and LaSalle (anytime of the day or night) and speak to them! If you are looking to get more involved, feel free to contact Cat B at Cat is going to the Labor Outreach meetings for US of CC, and you can also contact her with questions.

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