USCC Art Field Trip

Susan Phillipz  ExhibitTuesday June 7, 6:00 to 8:00 pm
FREE admission

The MCA is currently running a unique sound installation of music and voices in space by Scottish artist, and Turner Prize winner, Susan Philipsz. The exhibit pulls from the complex political history of collective groups in Chicago, unions among them. Visitors moving through the exhibit experience song in relation to historical events from the early 20th century through the election of Barack Obama.

The works,  We Shall Be All and The Internationale, incorporate music that relates to historical workers’ struggles for better working conditions and a living wage. In addition to the Philipsz installations, you can enjoy other great exhibits of the MCA, and grab a bite with us afterwards.

The MCA is located at 220 E. Chicago Ave., just one block east of Michigan Avenue. We’ll meet at the steps leading up to the main entrance at 6:00 p.m.

Getting there: The State St. Red Line will take you to Chicago Ave. Coming from Columbia’s South Campus, you can take the #3 bus up Michigan to Chicago Ave.; at Congress and Michigan (NE corner), you can also catch the #147.

For discounted parking information, see visitor information at the MCA web site.

We hope you’ll join us. For more information, call Sheila at x8147.

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