Next Up: Annual Wage Re-Opener to Negotiate Pay

paycheckThe USofCC might appear on your radar screen only a few times a year, perhaps when there’s a discussion or a vote involving our union.  But our union volunteers are working throughout the year on many  issues to ensure the college is always improving as a place to work.

One of our major efforts for 2011 is the annual “wage re-opener.” While our current contract with the college runs for three years, we have the option of negotiating for changes in wages and bonuses during each year of the contract. As a result of last year’s wage re-opener, college management and union negotiators forged an agreement that union members voted to accept: the 1 percent pay raise and 1 percent bonus for full- and part-timers.

This spring, USofCC negotiators plan to enter talks with management on wage issues. We welcome your input. Please come to the next general membership meeting to learn more about this year’s pay negotiations and to voice your ideas and concerns.

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