On Recent Layoffs

pink slipDear USofCC Bargaining Unit Members:

Our hearts go out to all Columbia College employees and contractors who have lost their jobs in the restructuring announced by Human Resources Vice-President Ellen Krutz yesterday.  We understand the serious — and potentially devastating — impact this will have on the lives of these workers, their families, and their communities.

The United Staff of Columbia College has submitted an urgent request to bargain with the college over the impact of these job changes. We have also requested detailed information from Human Resources regarding the extent of the staff reductions and job restructuring and the exact reasons why the college deems these changes to be necessary.

With regard to unit members whose positions have been eliminated, we will monitor their situations to ensure that each receives the required 90-day notice and other accommodations in accordance with the contract – see https://usofcc.org/the-contract/#a5

In regard to existing positions that are being combined or vacant positions that are being frozen, the union will discuss these issues when we meet with Human Resources.

The staff union will do everything in its power to ensure that the contract is followed and that bargaining unit staff who have been affected by these changes are treated fairly and with respect.

As we receive information, we will provide further updates to members of our bargaining unit.

United Staff of Columbia College Officers

Mike Bright, President
John Murray, Vice President
Yolanda Kincade, Secretary
Linda Naslund, Treasurer
Shelia Brady, Communications Chair
Joan Mcgrath, Membership Chair

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