Details: Better to Have the Right to Negotiate

When we started negotiating a revised contract for the coming year, the administrators wanted no change to current pay levels. They offered nothing.

Believing all the staff deserve better than that, we pressed for an increase in compensation and a bonus.

Eventually we got them to agree to a pay an increase of 1%, but they were only willing to offer us hard working staff a bonus of .5%, and only if student retention increased by a specific amount.

We continued to make the case that the staff of the college deserved more respect than that, and we were thorough in our conviction that all staff — even new hires, joining us after June 1, 2010 — and part time staff working multiple jobs at the college, be fully included in the recognition of our contribution to making the college run well.

We did not get all we fought for, but we stood strong to advocate on behalf of ALL the staff.

The details are hard to see for some people, but the details are connected to people, our colleagues, and their ability to provide for their families.

That’s why we’re here, to look after the details with which the Board of Trustees may be less familiar, and less concerned.

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