Union Vote Scheduled on Mgt’s Last Wage Offer

Campus Vote Set for December 2nd and 3rd

The USofCC bargaining committee has scheduled a vote to determine if our members want to accept the College administration’s last wage offer. The administration’s offer for the 2010-11 wage increase is as follows:

•    A 1% across the board increase.
•    A 1% guaranteed one-time bonus.

The across the board increase is effective retroactively to September 1, 2010.  For full-time staff, the bonus will be 1% of employee’s annual base salary. For part-time staff, the 1% bonus will be applied to hours worked in all positions inside of the bargaining unit between September 1, 2009 and August 31, 2010. (This was an improvement over the original proposal to pay the bonus based on the employee’s regularly assigned hours.) Part-timers who would have earned a bonus less than $25.00, will receive a minimum bonus payment of $25.00.

Management stated that, due to the size and complexity of the bargaining unit, the bonus and retroactive pay could not be provided to employees until January 15, 2010. Management indicated that employees will receive three separate checks at that time—the regular payroll check, the retroactive pay, and the bonus payment.

The bargaining committee felt that the administration’s final offer was better than what the administration intended to give, even though it fell short of what the staff deserves. After first proposing no wage increase, the administration eventually proposed a 1% increase with a non-guaranteed ½% bonus, and then finally agreed to guarantee and increase the amount of the bonus.

While the across the board increase doesn’t keep up with the cost of living, wage bargaining for next year is scheduled to begin in February 2011, and sentiment among the committee and many USofCC staff was that the administration’s offer was not going to improve and it was time to put this to a membership vote.

The vote on the ballot will be whether to accept management’s offer (“accept”) or return to the bargaining table and continue negotiations (“reject”).

Thursday, December 2nd             8 am – 6 pm
916 S. Wabash, Room 147

Friday, December 3rd                    10 am – 6 pm
623 S. Wabash, Room 715

>>  Voting Eligibility. Voting is open to all union members. Union membership forms will be available at the vote for those who wish to join the union.

>>  Absentee Voting. Employees who do not report to a campus worksite or who are not scheduled to work on December 2nd or 3rd may vote by absentee ballot. To request a ballot, please contact USofCC via phone at 312 369-3201 or via email at usofcc@yahoo.com by no later than Friday, November 26th. Make sure to provide your mailing address in your request. All ballots must be received back by USofCC no later than December 3rd, 2010.

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