USofCC Meeting Update

Below is a summary of the successful USofCC meeting held last week.  We were pleased that so many of you came out.  We also want to keep informed those of you who can’t always attend meetings.

The USofCC is currently focused on negotiating pay raises for our members. The Union will be fighting to convince Columbia that two years is too long without a pay increase for the staff. That is a message that Columbia needs to hear—from both the bargaining committee and, from each and every one of the staff. Our message at this time has to be about unity and cooperation, and getting what we all deserve.

We know that this is a difficult time to implement the union dues program, but it could not be held off any longer.  We have included a question and answer fact sheet to try to explain the way it works. If you have any questions, or did not receive your letter from the IEA, please call 312 369-3021.


Close to 100 people attended a USofCC meeting this past Tuesday. The special lunch meeting was called to discuss the status of negotiations for pay increases, implementation of union dues, and an assortment of other issues.  Members received a New Member Packet and a special IEA gift. (The packet and gift is also available to any member who couldn’t attend, or who newly signs up for the Union.)  20 employees who had not previously joined USofCC filled out their USofCC membership forms at the meeting.  Following is a brief report from the meeting:

1.        Wage Negotiations

The bargaining committee gave an update on the wage reopener negotiations.

  • The Union committee informed the College that our members do not expect to go another year without any type of pay raise, regardless of whether or not there’s been a small decrease in enrollment. Columbia has the ability to give us a raise–not only have they increased their tuition, the College continues to have a positive revenue-to-expense ratio.
  • The Union has proposed that any increase be retroactive.
  • The Union committee is continuing to press the College to complete the salary grade study that was scheduled to be finished by now.
  • The Union committee is committed to winning a wage increase for all USofCC bargaining unit members–both full-time and part-time.
  • The next bargaining date with the College is set for September 20th.  At the meeting, members discussed possible ways to build support for a wage increase, including buttons and other support activities.

2.        Dues Implementation – Dues notice letters went out August 31st.  All employees who did not previously sign membership forms will be required to sign and return a form by September 15th indicating how they want to pay their Union dues or agency fees—either by payroll deduction or a one-time yearly payment to the Union. The USofCC has prepared a Q & A sheet (see attached). If you didn’t receive a mailing or have other questions, call 312 369-3201.

3.        Hiring Freeze – One member brought up that the College was not being consistent in implementing its hiring freeze—choosing to hire people when they wanted to, and using the freeze to keep certain positions unfilled.

4.        New employees – A concern was brought up that certain new hires were having their hours cut. This matter will be further investigated.

5.        Part-timers – Several part-timers stressed that they wanted to be more integrated into USofCC—that they were dealing with important issues such as hours, benefits and pay.

6.        Union Elections – Under terms of the By-laws, elections of USofCC officers shall take place in the near future. More information will be provided shortly.

7.        USofCC Volunteers – The Union needs more volunteers to become department representatives (stewards), help with the membership drive, staffing the office, distributing flyers etc.  A special thanks to the members who signed up at the meeting. For those who would like to help out, please call: 312-369-3201.


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