Picture of Dave Walter

Dave Walter

USofCC has a new Uniserve Director (that’s the IEA representative who works with us to make our union more effective). Formerly a member of the pilot’s union with ATA, Dave Walter ferried passengers, as well as troops, refugees, prisoners, even a hijacker(!), around the world for 24 years.

But as Chairman of the Bargaining Committee for ATA pilots, Dave found a new passion. The experience of negotiating contracts, up to and including bankruptcy, convinced him that working people need solid democratic organizations to represent them in relations with management.

Turning down the opportunity to continue flying those Boeing 757s, Dave came to ground in Illinois to serve IEA’s Chicagoland higher education unions. When not on the job, he has been sighted at ice hockey games, practicing on his several guitars or just strolling the city. Welcome, Dave. See you at the next training session.

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